Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jackie Robinson Bio Pic in Theaters April 12

With Opening Day just around the corner, Hollywood will release the movie 42, the legendary story of Jackie Robinson, the first African-American major league ball player. 42 chronicles Robinson's heroic struggles to break baseball's racial barrier. 

What the movie doesn't really explore is Robinson's Christian faith, a little unknown part of his complex life. Also, un-divulged in the movie is that Branch Rickey (played by Harrison Ford), the Dodgers general manager who signed Robinson to a contract, was also a C

Robinson's biographer Arnold Rampersad describes Robinson's religious turning not as a point-in-time dramatic conversion, but as a process that began in his youth and accelerated when as a young man he was mentored by a dynamic pastor at his church.

While not a Christian movie, 42 will introduce newer generations to this man of great courage and integrity - " A True American Hero". 

Mark your calendar for April 12.  


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