Thursday, February 10, 2011

God Works Strangely

Our friend and colleague Steve Farrar addressed the National Coalition of Men's Ministries Annual Leadership Conference five years ago in St. Louis about God's sovereignty and how that works out providentially. He stirred the brothers with his refrain that "God Work's Strangely". Steve included this notion in his book God Built, Forge by the Bad and God and Life. Here's an excerpt from the book.

God’s plan for Joseph included the evil his brothers did to him. That’s strange, isn’t it? They had betrayed him and lied to their father. What they had done was a heinous and barbaric sin. Acting out of jealousy and sheer hatred, they intended it for evil. But God intended it for good, to bring about this present result.

Do you see what Joseph is saying here? He is saying that the providence of God is bigger than anybody, anytime, anywhere. They intended it for evil, but God took their act of evil and intended it for good. He didn’t stop it, and He didn’t interrupt it. He let their evil plan come about. But all the time the invisible hand of our BIG GOD was in control of every detail and circumstance. When he was in the midst of it, Joseph was enveloped in shock, pain, and disbelief. But now, thirty-two years later as he looks backward, he sees the amazing providence of a good and holy God.It’s amazing – but it’s also strange. Wonderfully strange

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