Saturday, October 6, 2018

Men and Birds

Men can be compared to a variety of birds. First, there is the canary. The canary can usually be found singing up a storm in a cage. They just sing all day. Other folks feed them and they are pretty much powerless birds. Too many men are satisfied with the status quo. They are happy just to get their house, their beans, their potatoes, and their TV remote and they are fine.

And then you’ve got the buzzard. The buzzard sits on poles all day and just squawks, making this irritating sound. Far too many men want to sit on the sidelines and complain. “Well, my wife is not this, and my wife’s not that; I wish she were this, I wish she were that.” A buzzard is a guy who just sits around all day, complaining.

Then you’ve got the peacock. The peacock just wants to sit up and look good all the time. You know why? Because the peacock’s interest is only itself.

Many men are eagles. Eagles just don’t sit around all day. They soar. They take over. They are in complete control. Which bird are you?”

by Dr. Tony Evans